Work experience is an invaluable opportunity that allows individuals to gain relevant working life practical skills, explore career options, and build a strong foundation for future success. We recognise the importance of this and have been actively supporting students from Oxford Media Business School (OMBS) for many years now. This week the 2023 OMBS students are out on placements and the feedback from clients has been nothing but positive. Our experience shows not only does it benefit the students, but the client too – win-win for all!

Client benefits:

Fresh Perspectives and Ideas: Employing interns or work experience candidates injects fresh perspectives into your organisation. Students bring new ideas, enthusiasm, and cutting-edge knowledge, they can offer unique insights, contributing to innovation and positive change within your workplace.
Increased Workforce: Utilising work placements opens doors to potential talent, with access to a pipeline of skilled candidates who have already experienced your organisation firsthand. This helps streamline the recruitment process, leading to cost and time savings long term.
Enhanced Productivity: When given meaningful tasks and responsibilities, work experience candidates can significantly contribute to your team’s productivity. Their dedication, eagerness to learn, and ability to adapt to new challenges can be a valuable asset.

Candidate benefits:

Hands-On Learning: Work experience provides hands-on learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom. By immersing oneself in a professional environment, candidates can understand the practical application of theoretical knowledge, acquiring essential workplace skills and networks that will benefit them throughout their careers.
Career Exploration: For those still uncertain about their career path, work experience offers a chance to explore various industries and roles firsthand. Candidates can make informed decisions about their future, identifying preferences/strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to choose the right career path with confidence.
CV Boost: Having work experience on their CVs increases candidates’ marketability and gives them an edge over competitors. Employers often favor candidates with relevant experience, making work placements crucial for securing future employment opportunities.
Get Hired: Candidates might even find that their placement leads straight to a permanent job if it works for them and the client.

If you are interested in participating or offering a work placement opportunity in 2024, we would be delighted to have a chat. Please do email Pip for more information: [email protected]