We know how important it is to be happy and excel in your professional environment. So, if the day comes when you dread going to work, feel uninspired, undervalued, or just need better progression – then it is natural to question the status quo.

When you know you have reached the end of the road with your job, then come the tough stages of sorting your CV, finding suitable jobs to apply for, smashing your interviews and hopefully being offered that dream position. Finally, after the uncomfortable task of resigning, it should be time for celebration. But, what happens when your current employer makes a counter offer? A better salary, promotion and even benefits?

Should you stay? Should you go? These are some of the things you should consider / question:

Do you still feel undervalued, especially now your current employer – who might not have acknowledged your value for years – suddenly offers you a better opportunity when faced with the costly consequences of losing you?

Even if you decide to stay, the very act of having been out there looking for a change could cause distrust within your team / company, and may lead colleagues to question whether you are a team player with half an eye on the door.

If you are purely looking for a pay rise it is simple to follow the money. However, if a combination of factors are driving change, and you accept a counter offer you are likely to return to wondering what else is out there / decide to leave any way, be sure that money was not the sole driver of your need for change.

Leaving your company means leaving behind a business that may understand you, your history and any concessions or flexibility they might afford you in terms of your personal situation.

Professional relationships and understanding your colleagues takes time to develop – are you ready to start that process all over again?

Does a future with the new company offer more of what you are looking for besides the salary – things that your current company cannot offer (even with a counter offer)?

These are just some of the important questions you should compile on the “should I stay or should I go” list when it comes to a career change. Think long and hard about the pros and cons of staying AND leaving. With one third of your life spent working, quality of life and happiness is the most important thing to consider.

At Joyce Guiness we pride ourselves on giving advice. We have been around for years and have seen most scenarios. Feel free to give us a call if you are considering a change and need some friendly guidance!