When it comes to salary expectations or negotiations it is important to consider the state of the job market, economy, and the cost of living versus value of the position you are in, or applying for.

It’s vital to be realistic about your own experience and qualifications, and the type of organisation you are in or see yourself working for. If you’d rather be in a start-up or boutique business they may not have the same budget available for salary as bigger companies – however, growth opportunities might be better.

It is best to do research to determine a salary range appropriate for your qualifications and experience. Have an open dialogue with the employer to negotiate a salary that is fair and mutually beneficial. Do your homework and make sure you will not only be happy with the salary but that there is the opportunity for growth – if this is what you want.
If the opening / or current salary is not what you might have hoped for, but you like the job, discuss the possibility of a salary update following a planned review, or if you were to add to your skill set. An employer is often willing to support continuous professional development (CPD), and it shows you are assertive and self-starting.

Do not rule out moving within a company, it is cheaper and more important for a business to retain good employees. So negotiation is always a worthwhile tactic, and a lot less upheaval for them and you.

There are a lot of adverts out there about get-rich-quick schemes that have you working from home. However, rarely do these roles live up to their promise, and not everyone wants to work on a computer on their own all day with online correspondence being your only connection to the outside world. Having job security, a team of colleagues, and chances of bettering your skill set are priceless. A work community is a chance to meet other people and socialise – often an added bonus of sorts to a salaried job.

Just make sure you are happy with your choices, and the salary covers your requirements. Multiple moves never look good on a CV.

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