A message from Pip Cox.  MD Joyce Guiness

At Joyce Guiness we are an all-female business, it’s never been a rigid template for the business, but it is something I am immensely proud of. Working in an all-female company has been empowering, personally and professionally. I am surrounded by talented and dedicated women, every day feels like a celebration of female strength, resilience, and creativity.

The cooperation and camaraderie amongst us is palpable. Each member of my team brings unique skills and experiences to the table, creating a dynamic and innovative workplace. All of this is especially pertinent on International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to acknowledging the need to break barriers and honour the achievements and contributions of women worldwide.

Every day should be International Women’s Day! However, I can’t wait to read what other commentators use today’s platform to say about the incredible women and female role models in their lives – a day that will underscore the incredible impact that women can have when given the opportunity to lead and collaborate.

As we salute International Women’s Day, I am grateful for the privilege of working with such remarkable individuals who continue to elevate one another. Inclusive environments, where women can thrive, lead, and make a lasting impact across various industries are vital to harnessing our superpowers!!

Clare Ashcroft
Ella Graham-Dullaert
Nicola Jordan
Lucy Munro

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