Apologies, but we are going to hark back to that dreaded pandemic again, but for good reason… the impact on the workplace cannot be ignored and our working landscape has changed permanently. As a consequence, you may have suddenly found yourself in a position where the path is no longer the one you want to follow. In some cases, the path isn’t actually available in the way it was before! If this happens, think creatively and consider alternatives. This can be a positive to your career and personal growth.

Your skill set can more than likely crossover into roles and industries that you may not have previously considered possible, which can bring exciting opportunity and new perspectives.

Write down a list of companies / industries of interest, even those you may not have necessarily thought were possible. Smaller companies can bring the possibility of faster career progression, or exposure to wider or varied responsibilities, so don’t rule out when you are searching.
List your skill set and what you bring to the table, include all expertise even if you don’t think it would be considered – you might be surprised about what could be valued.

Do some research as to what’s out there – don’t be fooled by a job title, read the job description. We have experience of this at JG; a client comes with a job title, and the description is often so much more interesting and varied than the title can show!

Be open to temporary or contract roles, it is a fantastic way to “try out” a company (especially in a role not tried before) this is a good way to get a taste firsthand of what it entails. In our experience, if the fit is right, many of these roles lead to something permanent.

Speculatively send your CV to companies that really interest you, sometimes they take ad hoc applications, but it also shows initiative. You never know, your CV might end up in the right place at the right time just by chance. What have you got to lose!

And last of all, throw everything out the window and make a list of dream jobs – a florist, a teacher, a garden designer anything that comes to mind – it might be time to take a running jump into the unknown. As we all know you never know what life can throw at you, so seize the day!